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Patient Education Center!

This section can provide you with helpful links, resources and guidance that can enable you to take charge of your health. Learn more about your diagnosis or ways to adopt or enhance a healthy lifestyle!

Below, find general ways to search for a health topic. At the bottom of the page or in the drop down menu under this section, please find specific pages devoted to our most common diagnoses.

Please also visit our Nutrition Resource, General Good Health Recommendations and Physical Activity Guidelines pages for more of our practice approaches!

Health Information Search Tools:

American College of Physicians

American College of Physicians (ACP) has a wonderful, user-friendly
Patient Education Center that we encourage you to make great use of!

Patient Education Center (broken down by topic)
A-Z Index
Patient FACTS (Quick fact sheets on a specific topic)
Filter by Format (sort by Videos, Brochures, Patient FACTS articles, etc)

UpToDate Search Box

As a general search tool, please use UpToDate.com’s informative search functions and free “Beyond the Basics” articles on health topics you may be interested in learning more about. Once there, you can filter out their “Patient Education” articles by clicking on “Patient” above the list of articles.
(For further, more in-depth research, you are able to purchase patient level access on a subscription basis.)

MedlinePlus Health Topics Resource Center


Education Pages for a Specific Diagnosis:

Research through information we trust.
Visit dedicated pages we’ve created for each diagnosis under the drop down menu, or click a link below.
Heart Disease
Obesity/Weight Loss
Nicotine Addiction
Common Cold/Flu