Stress Reduction

Ideas for gentle, effective stress-relieving techniques:

Walking for 30-45 minutes most days. It doesn’t have to be fast! Get yourself moving and it will relax your body and mind and help balance hormones that may be affecting your stress level.

Music – Many people find music soothing to the mind – which translates to your body. If you wear headphones, you might even find that music + a little cozy solitude is the perfect recipe for some stress-relieving time alone for your mind to focus or let go. Find the music that makes you happy or instantly sets you at ease, and your body can start to react predictably to this stimulus!

Jogging – If your doctor has cleared you to jog, put on some headphones and combine music with movement! Jogging can help you to move your body in a way that’s also meditative, in a rhythmic way that many people find calming.

Yoga – any kind, but especially Restorative Yoga, and how it can also help with chronic pain. Restorative Yoga is “the centering of your breath and body – aligning the physical and mental by practicing stillness or gentle movement for extended periods of time.

Meditation or Mindfulness – The practice of quieting yourself – mind and body – to center your focus, concentrate on your breathing and relax your body. Don’t think you can sit still for long? In this age of multitasking, most people need to train themselves to focus for small periods at a time, and build on it over time. Try setting an alarm timer on your phone and increase your time over a few days. If you’re still having trouble, apps like Calm can help to train your mind and build your attention span, which will help you to build your resistance to an unfocused mind and the feeling of being overwhelmed.

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